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Proactive Inside Sales Is A Huge Revenue Generator

Call Center Today has the perfect solution when your inside sales agents (or customer service reps) are patiently waiting for an incoming phone call from customers.  Tell the staff to put down their books,  Instead, simply, pick up the phone and make an outbound call.

It can be more difficult than that – as your inside sales agents usually are not empowered, or compensated, or motivated, to do this on their own.  So it is management’s job to help guide the process.  For instance, let’s start simple and logical:  your organization probably has customers who just signed up for the first time – use the inside sales group as a proactive engine to reach those customers, thank them, sell them more, ask for referrals. Or, just take a survey.  Don’t let your agents sit around waiting for customers or prospects to call them.  Have them be proactive, and dial the phone.

Here is another simple campaign:  Many times you have customers who have been customers for long-periods of time.  It is your job to determine the criteria and find the data for what constitutes “long periods”.  Once you do that, and cook the campaign, the job falls to your inside sales agents or customer service representatives.  How about asking these loyal customers for a referral and rewarding them with a gift?  And, how about seeing if they want a different, special service, one-time, or another service, consistently?  More likely than not, they want what you have.  They just don’t know you have it.  And, you are not telling them you have it.  So they won’t buy it from you!

In fact, in both scenarios, these customers are your single most profitable customers.  You already spent the marketing dollars to win them once.  The cost has been associated and factored in.  Now, there is no reason to go light.  Instead, when you sell them more, it becomes very profitable.  It is time to become proactive, intentional, assertive.  And, it helps justify the cost of direct marketing, as your revenue per customer (driven from marketing) goes up considerably when you sell more to customers.

It may be critical in your company to change the way you approach inside sales and service.  Try not to let your phone staff sit around.  You are paying them to be there.  Have them sell more products and services to existing customers.  Your top and bottom line revenue numbers will thank you.  Over, and over, and over again.

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The Benefit Dump Never Works In Telephone Sales

Selling successfully on the telephone is not benefit dumping on the telephone.  The difference between selling and benefit dumping can be summed up this way:  Selling is identifying the right point, and working with the customer to ensure that point sells the customer on your product or service. [...]

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Questions Which Tie Into The Client

In telephone sales effectiveness training Call Center Today spends a great deal of time on the value of questions. Questions are always magical. They provide information to the inside sales rep. And they encourage customers to talk. One of the great challenges we see with most inside sales reps is c[...]

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How To Use Emotion To Create Sales On The Phone

Emotions are what sell. Customers mask their emotions because they want to believe that every decision they make is a logical one. The fact is, however, that deep down inside, customers must “want” before they will buy, and this “want” is an emotional reaction.  They must “want” to hit [...]

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How To Use Voice Inflection and Tone To Sell More On The Phone

Have you ever dated someone, but find that you just have trouble communicating with one another? Boy, can that be frustrating!  When a person uses a different tone with every conversation, it can be extremely difficult to gauge how he or she really feels about you. Additionally, long conversations [...]

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Be Intentional and Be Literal When You Sell on the Telephone

During a recent sales training with an inside sales group,  Call Center Today and I spent quite a bit of time on the importance of being literal and being intentional when selling on the phone. It is a critical piece to selling on the phone that Call Center Today teaches to all its clients.  When [...]

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How To Make Second Questions Work For You

Telephone sales scripts and sales effectiveness training (they do go together!) do not have to be complicated. There are just a few elements to scripts and training that help make telephone sales representatives successful.  Perhaps the most critical element, we believe, is around questions.  In p[...]