Doing Role Play Right

Managers like role playing games for the call center because they:

1. Are Flexible

2. Are Effective

3. Build Teams

4. Motivate Employees

5. Improve Communication

When devising a role playing scenario, it’s important that all objectives are outlined prior to starting. All agents should understand WHY the exercise is being done and what you hope they will gain from it. The role play must be unambiguous and directly aligned with your call center’s objectives. In other words, each lesson should provide a lesson that agents can use.

The role play brief should contain enough information for the agent to initiate a believable conversation. The background should be clear: why is the caller angry? What is his or her history?

Allow time for adequate preparation before the simulated call and adequate time for feedback after the simulated call. In the end, call center reps and trainers can discuss what worked, what didn’t work, and the best methods for approaching the situation.

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