Call Center Today Debuts TeleSales Effectiveness Strategy

“And that means……” is the next step in the evolution of the inside sales process.  Call Center Today and Dan Coen has launched its “And that means” approach for clients- a set of sales effectiveness training programs to help the inside sales rep drive a better relationship, and sell more, to prospects and customers.

“And that means is a simple process of explaining what you are talking about,” said Dan Coen, President of Call Center Today.  “In the past, it was taught to sell features, and explain the benefit of the feature.  I want to explain what it all means.  Put the customers’ story into context with the product or service you are selling.  Explain, more deeply, what your offer means, to them.”

Call Center Today believes the telephone sales process is becoming more-and-more murkier.  Customers need to feel enthusiasm from the inside sales professional, and they need to see a roadmap as to why product and service should matter to them.  Dan Coen’s “And that means” approach is a tactical, definitive and specific way to approach selling on the phone to accomplish those goals.

For more information on Dan Coen and Call Center Today sales and script effectiveness training programs, please email Dan at  Or call 888-83-55326 x111.  Or visit

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