Asking Questions, And Using Answers, Will Be Your Solution To Great Telephone Sales

Call Center Today writes telephone sales scripts of all kinds- for companies that do outbound and inbound, sales and service, up-selling and cross-selling.  And, throughout all our scripts, we always focus on questions as the ticket to success.  Too often, before hiring Call Center Today, clients would train their agents to enter a presentation without finding out what the customer needs.  The pitch became more important than the customer.  So, the opportunity was lost – because the presentation was about our client, not about their customer.

By placing an open-ended question in the beginning of the presentation, the whole presentation changes.  For instance, when a prospect calls in- the first question has to be “What made you want to contact us today?”  For instance, when a customer has bought before but not now, the question becomes “Who are you presently using to solve the problem?”  And, for instance, when the call is a cold-call, the question becomes “What would be your plan to solve the problem?”

By asking the question immediately, it gives the agent every piece of information they need to center the presentation in the right direction.  The agent can then sell his entire presentation based on the answer and comments from the customer.  Follow-up questions are equally magical.  Keep getting the customer to talk.  Wrap everything about the sale directly to what the customer needs.  Their answers – their information – is all you need to close the sale.


Call Center Today is a training and consulting organization dedicated to building phenomenal performance in your inside sales and customer service call centers.  For more information please visit  Or email Or call 888-835-5326.

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