How To Make Second Questions Work For You

Telephone sales scripts and sales effectiveness training (they do go together!) do not have to be complicated.

There are just a few elements to scripts and training that help make telephone sales representatives successful.  Perhaps the most critical element, we believe, is around questions.  In particular, the second question.

Call Center Today teaches the second question as a huge key to driving more sales for your company.  Often, in selling, we do ask a question – and of course receive an answer – and then we move on.  Moving on is the mistake.  The key to great selling is to follow-up a first question with a second question.  When you ask that second question, you drive an extremely more focused attempt to sell customers.  Here’s why:

1.  Customers talk more after you ask the second question then they do after the first question.  Think about it:  When you ask a question, a customer gives you information.  However, it shows  you have a heightened awareness of their answer, and a special interest in them, when you ask a customer a second question in order to expound on that first question.  That is when the customer does the vast amount of speaking about their particular situation.

By asking the customer a second question you focus the sales presentation on a particular path.  That is very important to realize.  The path you establish in a sales presentation should be focused on one or two area’s, so as to not confuse the customer, and to keep the sales objectives as tightly streamlined as possible.

We encourage you to keep targeting your presentation using questions – and in particular – second questions.  Get your customer to tell you more about their feelings, and thoughts, and what they want from your product or service.  It is a natural human instinct to ask a question and then begin talking about yourself, sometimes never using the customers answers.  We invite you to use their answer by asking them follow-up second questions, and, truly making the presentation about your customer.


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