Be Intentional and Be Literal When You Sell on the Telephone

During a recent sales training with an inside sales group,  Call Center Today and I spent quite a bit of time on the importance of being literal and being intentional when selling on the phone. It is a critical piece to selling on the phone that Call Center Today teaches to all its clients.  When listening to sound files in preparation for the training, it was clear to me that this group, for instance, consistently missed the key elements of how to sell intentionally and literally. And by missing those key elements, they were losing sales opportunities.

This challenge happens quite often.  Sales people convey facts, features of the product and benefits for the customer – but they do not explain literally and intentionally why those facts, features and benefits are valuable to the prospect.  As an example:

Not Great: “Our company will sell to multiple competitors of yours, but we promise to limit the number of competitors we pitch”.

Better: “It is important that I can explain to you our policy of selling to your competitors.  We put a-lot of thought how to make it reasonable for you so that you will benefit.  I have been doing this for three years, so I have seen several policy shifts from our company.  This is clearly the best policy.  Let me explain it to you….”

The difference between these two styles extend to being intentional and being literal in creating a bond and in selling the story.  Great sales people teach their prospects why making a “yes” decision is the right decision.  Great sales people do not sell the prospect – instead great sales people train the prospect to see the story.  Being intentional and being literal – shaping the story – selling the story so it teaches and trains the prospect or customer – is the way great sales people convert a lead to a prospect and a prospect to a customer.

The next time you train your inside sales team I encourage you to break-down several of the key concepts within this posting.  Being intentional and literal in selling the story and training the prospect versus simply telling facts, features and benefits.  Shaping the story so it resonates with the customer – providing depth and background as to why it is important and beneficial for the customer.  Bring yourself into the conversation – you are consultant and expert -not just sales person.  These steps are all part of the deeper process to sell on the telephone.


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