How To Use Emotion To Create Sales On The Phone

Emotions are what sell. Customers mask their emotions because they want to believe that every decision they make is a logical one. The fact is, however, that deep down inside, customers must “want” before they will buy, and this “want” is an emotional reaction.  They must “want” to hit a homerun, or win the game, or to have voted for the winner of the election.  Making decisions is completely an emotional science.  Emotions always reign, and while there may be elements of data involved in the sale, data must always be used in a secondary role.  TSRs must recognize that customers buy based on emotions.  TSRs must sell emotions! Below are eight ways to sell emotions over the telephone, and place the customer in an emotional state of mind.

  • Discover What Emotionally Excites the Customer. That which emotionally excites the TSR doesn’t necessarily emotionally excite the customer. “When it comes to buying books, what types of books are irresistible to you?”
  • Understand the Customer’s Background. Past memories, both good and bad, help to trigger emotions that will create a path so the TSR can sell his product.  For example, by asking the question “Do you remember your children’s books as a child?” the TSR urges customers to relate their emotional happiness with their books as children to their children’s emotional happiness.
  • Prepare the Customer for Something Big. Don’t make the telephone call an everyday event.  Separate the call from other calls. “I know you get calls all of the time, but believe me when I say that this call is different.”
  • Help the Customer to Feel Excitement and Enthusiasm. Customers respond to description.  On the radio, sports announcers don’t say “A swing…and a homerun.”  Sports announcers say “A swing…and a long drive hit to deep centerfield…back goes the centerfielder…he’s at the track…at the wall…looking up…he leaps…….HOMERUN!!!!!”
  • Shift Tone, Inflection and Melody. Customers respond to voice patterns.  They need to be motivated to move, and that motivation comes from the TSR’s shift, at appropriate times.
  • Tie the TSR’s Emotions into the Customer’s Emotions. An inseparable bond between TSRs and customers will make both of them want. “We both should be extremely excited about this offer, for a lot of reasons.”
  • Sell Emotions First. Give customers what they truly want and what they truly need.  Have fun. “By purchasing these books, your child is going to experience a whole new world.”


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