Questions Which Tie Into The Client

In telephone sales effectiveness training Call Center Today spends a great deal of time on the value of questions. Questions are always magical. They provide information to the inside sales rep. And they encourage customers to talk.

One of the great challenges we see with most inside sales reps is convincing inside sales reps to build questions that personalize directly the experience for the customer. Ask questions that directly relate to what the customer needs and what they are thinking instead of what the sales rep wants. As an example:

Just Ok: “Do you have other questions I can answer before we go?”
Better: “What was it about our product that prompted you to call us?”

Here are questions you may want to try:

“Which part of the program sounds like what you want based on what we spoke about?”

“Were there two or three things I mentioned that was attractive for you and your family?”

“Did I explain this part of the program well to you or do you have other questions about this piece?”

“Can you describe exactly what you need out of a program like ours so I can match it up for you?”

The key in these and other questions like these is to drive the questions to the person who called so they will become more involved in the decision process. The sales presentation should be about the customer. Personalize and be attentive for what they need out of the sales presentation.

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