The Benefit Dump Never Works In Telephone Sales

Selling successfully on the telephone is not benefit dumping on the telephone.  The difference between selling and benefit dumping can be summed up this way:  Selling is identifying the right point, and working with the customer to ensure that point sells the customer on your product or service.  Only then do you go into the next benefit.  Benefit dumping is identifying 8 points, and, hoping the customer remembers each and every point from each and every benefit as you provide a dump in an endless stream of words.

Call Center Today was role playing with inside sales reps, which is a common part of the sales training process.  Role Play is magical, because you do not want the reps first presentation to be a live presentation to the customer.  In role play, one inside sales rep would download for a good 300 or 400 seconds on the benefits of the program, no breath.  In return, as customers, we were lost.  Not only did each new benefit render the benefit before useless – but it was tiring trying to listen.

Solution: Talk to the customer about a benefit, pause, and see how they liked what they heard.  And, ask the customer if they are engaged. And if the benefit is something they believe would be a benefit for them.  If it is, you may not need to dump to the next benefit, the sale may be made.  Even if you do, that is OK, as you have buy in.

Just remember, the benefit dump never works.  Downloading reasons why you think are valuable simply minimizes each reason because it is too much too fast.  You need to pick a benefit and work with the customer on its value.  Slow down.  And, don’t try to give your customer all of your training in a quick phone call.

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